Ammunition box, female underwear, tacks.

85cm (W) x 62cm (L) x 17cm (H).

Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg), NSA Gallery (Durban), Bell-Roberts Gallery (Cape Town).

In Did you Destroy? I use male underwear. In Under-wear I use female underwear. Underwear is gendered, easily identifiable as male or female. But more importantly, underwear speaks of ‘the genitals’, symbols of both the vulnerability and the power of sexuality. The words printed on the underwear deny intimacy and bring a message of psychological conflict and violence. 


Fathers and society teach ‘women are less’,

objects in the minds of men, sexually and socially

for the use of men, to gratify their needs.

She exists in terms – ‘I am, therefore I am ‘to be raped’.