The Director

The installation, The Director, was included in my final MA FA solo exhibition. It makes reference to the assassination of David Webster, a University of the Witwatersrand academic, by Ferdie Barnard, a member of the CCB (Civil Co-operation Bureau), a rogue group set up by the Apartheid government to get rid of anti-apartheid activists by extra-legal means.

One of the many positions that he held, David Webster was the vice-chair of the anti-apartheid organisation, The Five Freedoms Forum, of which I was a member. I also worked together with him at the DPSC (Detainees Parent’s Support Committee).

A photograph of P W Botha hangs behind the life-size sculpture of Barnard. Stepping stones of tiles covered by photographs of the road in front of Webster’s house lead to the image of Webster’s house. Webster was shot outside his house while offloading his vehicle.